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Task Supervisor is a unique, simple and cost-effective task management software solution that enables organizations to list, organize and view all essential tasks in one, centralized location, minimizing the risk of business disruption and human error.

It replaces the disparate methods used for managing tasks by IT teams such as Sage ACT, Outlook or spreadsheets. You can run your IT operations more efficiently by knowing which tasks need to be done, when they need to be completed by and which individual or process should handle them.

Halcyon Task Supervisor - Manage Scheduled Tasks

This software solution makes it possible to quickly and easily see all manual and automated tasks together, report on how long they take and whether they were completed at the appropriate time. This reporting capability is essential for the IT team in providing evidence of the service they deliver to business or customers. Measuring how long tasks take means you have a baseline to make improvements in both time and cost.

This task management software is designed for IT teams supporting large data centers and for managed services providers, to increase productivity, save money and make more efficient use of your valuable resources.


  • Can be used in any IT environment, across different platforms including Windows®, AIX®, Linux and IBM i

  • Use one centralized repository to store all tasks, including those reliant on manual checks or processes and those carried out by automated processes, systems or third party software

  • View escalation procedures, so that IT administrators can easily identify what action needs to be taken, when and by which individual or automated process

  • Web-based browser interface enables individuals or groups to log in, action and view the progress of their tasks no matter where they are located

  • Tasks which are dependent on other tasks or processes finishing in the right sequence can be stored in the software

  • No limit to the number of users or tasks that can be stored

  • Schedules can be created to group all tasks associated with specific processes, companies, data centers, teams and customers

  • Visibility of all tasks can be restricted to selected personnel or roles


  • Minimizes the risk of missing critical tasks that could affect service levels so that the business is not impacted

  • Reduces the reliance on key staff with specialist skills as complex tasks can be documented within the software

  • Flags overdue or incomplete tasks so that issues can be quickly identified and rectified

  • Easily import tasks from your existing systems, such as Sage ACT, Outlook and spreadsheets, using Halcyon’s free service, making the software quick to deploy

  • The reporting capability enables IT teams or managed services companies to demonstrate the value of the service they give to the organization, users or customers

  • Reduces the amount of time taken to monitor tasks, saving costs and valuable IT resources

  • Save costs and eliminate human error by identifying which tasks could be easily automated

  • Utilize the web-based, single repository to simplify the sharing of information and knowledge about tasks with authorized staff at different sites or geographic regions

  • Improved visibility of all tasks means that staff can take control and provide cover for sickness, absence, vacations or an unexpected event so that business operations are not affected


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