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Systems Operations Suite Introduction

In addition to handling IBM i messages, job queues, output queues and devices for issues or threshold breaches, this new software release allows for the proactive monitoring of key business applications, FTP activity, the security audit journal, the automatic management of system events as well as supporting flexible scheduling of critical tasks.

Outsourcers, corporate data centers and end-users can now be confident that their IBM i is running at its full potential and their system uptime is maximized.


Message Monitoring

FTP Monitoring

Object Monitoring

User Profile Monitoring

Restricted Tasks Management


Output Queue Monitoring

Device Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Inactivity Monitoring

Audit Journal Management


Job Queue Monitoring

Job Log Monitoring

SLA Reporting

Distribution Queue Monitoring

No matter which suite solution you choose, all our software suites contain:

  • Enterprise Console. A color-coded graphical user interface to simplify management of your enterprise from a single screen

  • Familiar, green screen functionality with menu options complying to IBM standards

  • Templates to match typical operational environments, including monitoring of ERP and business applications, to get you up and running in minutes.


  • Avoid potential disasters and late night support calls caused by incomplete or failed processes

  • Demonstrate to internal and external auditors the ability to monitor security breaches or attempted breaches in real-time

  • Monitor any application running on the IBM i and automate key routine tasks

  • Be alerted if customized system thresholds are breached, including overall response times, memory and CPU activity

  • Be alerted if uncapped LPAR processing capacity thresholds are breached


  • Detect overrunning or jobs in error and perform dynamic real-time remedial actions to address potential downtime

  • Ensure important user profiles remain “enabled” at all times and track any failed sign on attempts
    Track the creation, deletion and size of any object in any file system running on the IBM i, including the Integrated File System

  • Schedule restricted state activities such as a full system save, reclaim storage and IPL to run unattended. Also receive completion or failure notifications via SMS

Optional Plugin Modules

Custom Task Monitor: An optional plugin module that provides an easy way to schedule simple or complex IT tasks such as calling a program or API to provide regular checking processes necessary for efficient operations. It also enables users to receive notifications or configure automatic, corrective actions if processes fail to run as scheduled.

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Allows you to create rules to select jobs and alert if the Job Log of matching jobs contains the specified message(s).
Monitor and alert on QAUDJRN entries in real-time. For example, system value changes. Produce automated audit reports. Includes 34 reports for SOX & PCI compliance.
Monitor distribution queues to ensure correct status and for distribution backlogs.
Stores Service Level Agreement (SLA) statistics for reporting purposes.
Verifies the status of job queues. Alerts if there is a backlog of jobs, jobs on queue longer than 'n' minutes or if critical job queues are not in the expected status.
Monitor batch or interactive jobs to look for defined periods of inactivity and take action such as holding or ending the inactive job.
Monitors system performance, jobs and pools. Quickly identifies resource-grabbing jobs and/or users and takes prompt, corrective action or lets the system automatically resolve the situation.
Monitor the status of devices such as cartridge/tape drives, printers and communications lines. Can automatically attempt to resolve any issues.
Monitor the status of Output Queues and associated writers. Alerts if a backlog of spooled files occurs.
Schedules jobs with dependencies while the system is in a restricted state. Allows comprehensive monitoring to the Enterprise Console or Cell Phones while the system is in a restricted state.
Monitor particular User Profiles for being enabled or disabled. For example, QSECOFR is unexpectedly enabled.
Monitor for any changes to Objects. For example, an DTAARA in the wrong status at a specific time period. Check any object within the IBM i environment and allows Journal Receivers to be quickly and easily located and deleted based on age or when they were last used.
FTP Monitoring is used to monitor for FTP activity and alert you accordingly. For example, if you have a job that uses FTP to send a file overnight to another system and it is not received, you can be notified or automatically re-run the process.
Monitor all Message Queues and automatically respond to problems with a series of actions. Includes a unique feature for reporting on critical messages or events that have not occurred, e.g. jobs that have not completed.
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