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Network Server Suite AIX® Lite (VIOS Monitoring)


VIOS Monitoring

Until recently, every partition running on the IBM i required hardware such as Disk Storage and Network connections dedicated to that partition.

This is inflexible and can be costly because of the hardware that is required for each partition. IBM has developed the Virtual I/O Server which addresses these issues by acting as a host partition for I/O.

Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) is a Logical Partition (LPAR) which has physical I/O such as Disk Storage and Network Adapters connected to it. This I/O is then provided to clients LPARs running IBM i (or AIX or Linux) within the same server. VIOS was first supported by IBM i on POWER6 models with the announcement of Version 6.1 in early 2008.


VIOS Disk Storage

Benefits of using VIOS

There are several benefits that come from using VIOS instead of connecting the I/O directly to an i LPAR, namely:

  • The number of physical I/O adapters can be reduced, saving on both cost and on the number of adapter slots which are needed. This is an important consideration with today's systems which offer limited adapter support

  • VIOS allows you to run IBM i on a Blade - as opposed to the traditional integrated hardware systems. The cost of Blade hardware is very attractive and this also allows you to consolidate Intel Blades (running Windows or Linux) and Power Blades (running IBM i, AIX or Linux) within a single Blade Centre

  • If you are using Storage Area Network (SANs) such as IBM's DS3000 or DS4000 families for the benefits that these bring in consolidating storage for Intel servers, then these SANs do not attach directly to IBM i, but they do attach to a VIOS partition and can thus be used by the IBM i by that route

  • Greater flexibility by sharing I/O resources between partitions, and by being able to create new LPARs without any new physical hardware being required, which also keeps costs down

VIOS Monitoring Templates

Halcyon's VIOS Monitoring template provides the capability to monitor VIOS on Power Systems. It will assist customers adopting the use of VIOS by the automation that it offers as well as by integrating the monitoring of VIOS alerts with those from IBM i.

It consists of a pre-defined template that:

  • Automates and alerts around hardware and software errors
  • Informs you of changes to key files within the VIOS
  • Alerts to sustained use of CPU within this environment
  • Monitors and alerts on file system/disk space and memory usage on the VIOS partition

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