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The last 10 years have been tough for organizations the world around. When it comes to a recession, everyone is forced to do more with less. But at the same time, companies still need to move forward at a frenetic pace – just to maintain a competitive advantage through the recession and beyond. It is this enhanced speed at which the business must operate that creates a new level of resource challenges to address, often with no time to waste. It’s no wonder that “Work Smarter, Not Harder” has become the hallmark of modern business.

Today’s challenges stem from a collision between the speed at which the business must operate versus the resources available to maintain the pace. And if history is any indicator, the speed is only likely to increase even more as time goes on. So what does the future hold for us: the resource? Well, it’s probably a safe bet that additional resources aren’t on the way, so we come back to the “Work Smarter, Not Harder” philosophy – and what we are really talking about is Automation.

Automation comes across as a dirty word sometimes, because it’s often presented as a staff-reducing step in the march towards a “lights-out” environment.  But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. In the Power Systems world, Automation is simply an extension of the operator’s will and wisdom, not a replacement for it. Without the operator, automation simply cannot exist in a form that is beneficial to the organization. So the benefit to operations is not simply a matter of applying automation, but in the application of intelligence (the human factor) to those automated routines.

Many organizations are successfully applying Halcyon’s brand of smart automation to keep up with the pace at which the business needs to operate – particularly in the area of scheduling, monitoring and operations.



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