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Spooled File Manager


Halcyon Spooled File Manager provides the perfect solution to spooled file distribution and archiving.

Comprehensive, real-time, spooled file monitoring and filtering options can automatically override spooled file attributes without any need for program changes.


  • Archive and restore individual spooled file entries or entire output queues

  • Compress archived output queues to free disk space

  • Automatic spooled file distribution based on spooled file name, user name, user data, form type, job name and report titles

  • Copy spooled files and override any attributes

  • Send spooled files to any local or remote output queue

  • Export spooled files as PDF attachments or embody small printouts within the email itself

  • Email reports to ad hoc email addresses or addresses stored in either Microsoft® Outlook or Lotus Notes®


  • Never have to re-run a job again just because a user loses their printout. By saving spooled file entries on near-line or offline storage, it is always possible to restore individual spooled file entries for re-printing

  • Forget about program changes when determining who gets which printout - everything is handled automatically

  • Improve system performance by archiving or deleting old spooled files still deemed 'active' by the system

  • Reduce paper wastage by printing only those reports that are necessary - many reports are only needed for archive purposes

  • Free up disk space by not having to retain spooled files directly on the system

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Did you know the Spooled File Manager module is available in the following software suites?

Level 3

Level 3 - Advanced Automation Suite

Level 4

Level 4 - Operations Center Suite


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