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Network Server Suite

Linux® (including Linux on Power Systems™) Monitoring & Automation Software

Linux® Server Manager

Network Server Suite includes an enhanced component that provides native Linux® monitoring. You can now proactively monitor, manage and control system availability, including performance, with the ability to respond to situations that could affect the smooth running of your business.

Ensure tighter control of "mission-critical" applications running on the Linux® platform through automatic and continuous monitoring and management.

Linux, Red Hat, Oracle and Suse monitoring

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All the benefits of Network Server Suite plus the ability to Monitor:

  • CPU, Filesystem & Memory

  • Logical Volumes

  • Processes

  • System Uptime & Load Average

  • Log Files

  • Files & Folders

  • Plus the ability to execute custom scripts


  • Industry standard operating systems & application templates

  • Help Desk Integration

  • Email & Text Message Alerting

  • Free Halcyon Enterprise console app for Apple and Android devices

  • Web-based historical self-service reporting when paired with Halcyon Advanced Reporting Suite


  • Ensures maximum availability of critical servers, applications, processes, services and network devices to maintain business operations around the clock

  • Harness the flexibility of true mobile support by enabling your support teams to work anywhere

  • Minimize business disruptions by automating routine responses / actions

  • Receive automatic alerts of any bottlenecks or potential issues, by emails or SMS before they impact the business

  • Fast track your deployment and ensure that recommended Linux metrics are monitored from day one with pre-defined monitoring and alerting templates

  • Can be integrated into your own help desk system to automatically generate help desk tickets

  • Create highly customizable reports in seconds without any Linux knowledge when paired with Halcyon Advanced Reporting Suite

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