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Network Server Suite

Linux® Monitoring & Automation Software

Linux® Server Manager

Network Server Suite includes an enhanced component that provides native Linux® monitoring. You can now proactively monitor, manage and control system availability and performance and respond to situations that could affect the smooth running of your business.

Have tighter control of "mission critical" applications running on the Linux® platform as well as the ability to comprehensively monitor and manage other server platforms, services and network devices.

Linux, Red Hat, Oracle and Suse monitoring

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All the benefits of Network Server Suite plus the ability to Monitor:

  • CPU, File System & Memory

  • Logical Volume Monitor

  • Script Monitor

  • Process Monitor

  • Subsystem Monitoring

  • Error Report Monitor

  • System Monitor (Uptime & Load Average)

  • Log Files

  • File Monitor

  • Ping Monitor


  • Templates

  • Help Desk Integration

  • Email & Text Messaging (SMS) Alerts

  • Send Enterprise Console Alert

  • Execute Command or Script


  • Eliminate manual checking of disk volume and performance thresholds, size of logical drives, CPU and memory usage (physical and page file)

  • Be automatically alerted if critical errors occur or when important thresholds are breached

  • Early warnings of critical issues with system uptime and Load Average

  • Send out text messages to mobile phones or be notified by email. For ultimate flexibility, messages can also be sent to broadcast groups and schedules

  • Run any operating system or user-defined command script

  • Precisely emulate the actions of a very experienced IT administrator with pre-populated and pre-defined monitoring and alerting templates, covering the most common monitoring requirements - software monitoring and management possible within hours

  • Can be integrated into your own help desk system and automatically generate help desk tickets

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