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Halcyon’s Document Management System is a comprehensive package of specialist tools to ensure the automated retrieval, packaging and distribution of information located within archived spooled files.

Link archived spooled files to ‘Report Types’ and define up to 15 different index criteria per report type. Extract information by using a fixed position on the page, an offset from a piece of information or a pattern within lines and columns. Create Bundles of segmented information that can then be distributed as packages or hard copies to pre‐defined recipients. Add and edit Highlights, Line Notes and Sticky Notes within archived spooled files.

Includes an intuitive and easy‐to‐use Web User Interface that allows administrators to retrieve indexed archived spooled files, assign notes and apply print overlays. This interface modernizes and simplifies a traditionally labor intensive activity.

All the features of Spooled File Manager PLUS:


  • Apply indexes to archived spooled files for fast retrieval of detailed information

  • Quickly find archived spooled file using any combination of up to 4 of the 15 definable indexes (such as Invoice Number)

  • Link up to 4 indexes across different types of archived spooled files (i.e. Use 'Invoice Number' to return a list of archived spooled files for 'Orders', 'Customers', etc.)

  • Distribute segments and bundles of information as hard copies or email documents in PDF, HTML and TXT format to a predefined recipient list

  • Add line and sticky notes to archived spooled files and highlight key information

  • An intuitive web-based GUI allows users to handle archived indexed spooled files, apply notes and export data

  • Print overlays can be used to define the appearance of the spooled file prior to export


  • Significantly reduce the time required to find important information contained within a vast library of spooled file documents

  • Quickly index complex archived spooled files by using mouse‐clicks to locate and specify the required index data

  • Extract data across different types of archived spooled files and distribute to multiple recipients in a variety of formats

  • Ensure important information contained within a spooled file is not overlooked by applying highlighting and adding notes

  • A Web User Interface simplifies and streamlines a traditionally laborious process

  • Access and interact with your archived spooled files, without having to be near your IBM i, by using the web‐based user interface

  • Customize your exported spooled file data so that information can be quickly and clearly identified by its appearance


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