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Do you know who’s looking at your IBM i data and what they are doing with it?

Halcyon recognizes that sometimes users need to have higher, or even lower, levels of authority for their IBM i system so they can do a specific job or complete a specific task.

A user profile with more powerful privileges might only be required for a temporary period, but the real challenge is to control when users can have access and for how long and also to see what they do when they have the higher level of authority.

Authority Swapper resolves these challenges. Not only do you have a full audit trail, with the unique Audit Replay functionality, you can also playback a visual recording of the IBM i screens that users visited and see what they actually did during their session.

New Graphical User Interface – See what users are doing, in real-time

Authority Swapper - New Graphical User InterfaceAuthority Swapper also has a browser-based user interface with intuitive graphics that make it easier for IT and compliance teams to see what users are doing in real-time. This functionality enables audit staff to login 24/7 from any web-enabled location around the world via a laptop, tablet or smartphone so they can respond instantly to any unauthorized user activity or view any recorded screens. With point and click configuration, it allows staff to access multiple IBM i systems using drop-down menus without having to manually login to each one individually.

Authority Swapper allows you to control access to confidential, sensitive or financial information by restricting access to a limited number of user profiles. It simplifies the security and system monitoring process, and allows a wide range of organizations, such as banks, insurance companies and the gaming industry, to meet their compliance obligations, across the globe.

Eliminates the need for audit staff to have expert knowledge of the IBM i system

The Audit Replay feature of Authority Swapper provides a visible trace of user activity, which assists organizations in meeting security compliance rules. It delivers a convenient and easy way for auditors, who may not have IBM i skills, to understand the implications of a user’s actions. Authority Swapper ‘records’ the screens that the user visits during their authorized, temporary access and can replay the recorded screens to see exactly what the user did whenever you want to. This is beneficial if you need to show evidence of user activity to your auditors and effectively provides a visual surveillance recording.

Features   Benefits

Web-based browser interface with intuitive graphics.


Makes it easy for IT compliance teams to see what users are doing on the system, in real time, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

This also allows you to respond instantly to any unauthorised activity using a laptop, tablet of smartphone.

The ‘Audit Replay’ feature allows you to record and review the screens that were used during the course of a ‘swap session.’


Gives you a full audit trail of users activities and eliminates the need for audit staff to have a specialist understanding of the commands and language used by the IBM i system.

Temporary authority can be created once and then scheduled for specific time frames to allow repeated use.   For example, Helpdesk personnel who need to create new users no longer need high level access at all times. They can simply switch to an administrator profile when they need to perform such tasks and are audited at all times.

Can be integrated into our other monitoring modules.


Supporting real time intrusion detection and alerting via email/SMS.

Swap sessions can be restricted to certain times of the day, for limited periods of time and immediate temporary authority can be granted for one-off sessions or tasks.


Allows you to have full control when the swap sessions occur, giving you access when needed, even in an emergency or unusual circumstance.

This also permits non-permanent staff to be given low level access to the IBM i and simply swap to an authorized profile to perform higher level tasks while being audited.

Swap sessions can be ended immediately by a system administrator should the need arise.


Permitting you to have full control of access to confidential, sensitive or financial information on your IBM i.


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