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Audit Journal Manager

IBM i Monitoring, alerting and reporting software

Audit Journal Manager is a specialist utility for the real-time, monitoring, alerting and reporting of the IBM i system audit journal, QAUDJRN; the key place for logging security related events.

Systems administrators can define the type of events they want to monitor and the Halcyon Audit Journal Monitor will pro-actively monitor the journal for these events and automatically perform pre-defined actions.

Run customized reports based upon specific audit criteria or use any of the 34-pre-supplied reports to get a detailed view of user activity with QAUDJRRN.


  • Monitors for the arrival of different types of journal entries in the system audit journal QAUDJRN

  • Comprehensive filters can be set up to ignore unimportant entries while quickly alerting you to important entries of which you need to be made aware

  • Escalating actions can be defined to draw your attention to critical events

  • Substitution variables can be used to pass variable information for easy and accurate command execution

  • An unlimited number of actions can be performed in any pre-defined sequence when your selected journal entries are received by the system

  • Messages can be sent directly into the Halcyon Enterprise Console when a graphical centralized management tool is required


  • Analyze and monitor changes made to user profiles, such users changing their authority to *SECADM for example

  • Quickly detect when invalid attempts are made to sign on - especially if this happens to be QSECOFR

  • Changes to your system values can be tracked and traced as these can have a significant impact on areas of security and system performance

  • Be informed when sensitive objects (such as the Payroll file) are created, deleted, restored, moved or renamed or ownership to that object or access rights are changed

  • Authority failures can be detected and brought to someone's immediate attention. For example, a user might be attempting to access an object that they are not authorized to, such as the supplier master file

  • Keep an eye on user profile swapping and be kept informed about what is happening on your system

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Did you know the Audit Journal Manager module is available in the following software suites?

Level 2

Level 2 - Systems Operations Suite

Level 3

Level 3 - Advanced Automation Suite

Level 4

Level 4 - Operations Center Suite


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