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Advanced Job Scheduler


Job Scheduling for IBM i Systems

Advanced Job Scheduler browser-based interface

Halcyon’s Advanced Job Scheduler enables organizations to schedule highly complex job streams and track them across different IBM i systems or across other platforms to ensure business processes are running smoothly, at the optimum time and at maximum efficiency.

The solution is functionally rich and easy to use and has unique support for iASPs (independent auxiliary storage pools). The new browser-based user interface enables you to schedule and track your jobs using the internet and your mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

Advanced Job Scheduler is available as a stand-alone product or as part of Halcyon's Level 4 suite offering - Operations Centre Suite.

Greater Visibility and Control

The browser-based interface modernizes and presents an additional, alternative option to the traditional green screen view by displaying information in an easy to understand format that can be accessed from any device capable of running an internet browser. With familiar and intuitive Windows style layouts and drop-down menus, it is user configurable with a choice of color schemes and enables you to quickly and easily navigate and access data.

The web-enabled interface means that help desk support staff or IT managers without IBM i skills can see a “live” view of what’s going on, including any amended schedules or job failures that could impact the business.

If jobs have failed to run as expected, IT teams can quickly and easily diagnose if there is a pattern and rectify accordingly. You can also easily view details of jobs that will run in the future.

Tighter control of operations can be achieved by authorized staff being able to remotely view and control jobs through the web or their mobile devices.

Features   Benefits

Import jobs from other schedulers, using the specialist migration utility and consolidate all your scheduling requirements.


Save significant costs through consolidation and/or reducing your software maintenance bills with a competitive alternative. Replace out dated job schedulers with a modernized solution enabling you to automate more complex job streams and cater for business expansion.

Browser-based graphical user interface.


Intuitive interface means IT staff, without specialist IBM i skills, can quickly view the latest schedules, track all jobs and spot issues that could impact the business.

iASP (independent auxiliary storage pool) support.   Take advantage of iASP support, which allows data to be seamlessly ported to another system in the event of disk corruption or other unexpected issues to ensure business continuity.

Job progress, status and error messages can be sent to mobile phones and tablets, message queues, as emails or directly to the GUI, Enterprise Console.


More efficient use of resources. Automatically monitor job status and error messages even when staff are working remotely form anywhere in the world.

Jobs can be scheduled to run at the best time for your system, your operators and your users.


Make more effective use of system and staff resources and save costs by handling out-of-hours processing without incurring overtime costs.

Supports the use of multiple and third party calendars and you can use your own user programs to set exceptions to regular pattern schedules. Use the command list to check for appropriate conditions before jobs are processed.


Gives the flexibility to cater for the most complex of job scheduling requirements across the business.

"Capture Mode" can capture Submit Job Parameters for later insertion into “job definitions” so that you create jobs 'on-the-fly.


Reduces initial set up time; IT administrators can create new jobs swiftly and easily improve IT efficiency through quick deployment.

Flexible user authorities.   Control which jobs IT staff can view and which features they are permitted to use. Allows junior IT staff to run jobs with pre-programmed rules put in place by more senior administrators, saving cost for the organization.
Schedule tasks across different LPARs or networked servers and process interdependent jobs across your entire IT infrastructure, regardless of operating system.   Reduce the operator's workload, free up valuable resource time, eliminate human error and decrease costs by automating processes  across the entire business.

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