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VIOS Monitoring

Halcyon offers a VIOS Monitoring solution – the Network Server Suite (NSS) AIX lite VIOS solution, that provides the capability to monitor VIOS on IBM Power Systems.

It consists of pre-defined template rules and will assist customers adopting the use of VIOS by the automation that it offers as well as by integrating the monitoring of VIOS alerts with those for IBM i. Halcyon has created a useful monitoring guide which IT Managers can quickly and easily deploy for VIOS Monitoring.


  • AIX Error Report Monitor – checks for errors every 30 minutes on the list of logged errors

  • AIX File and Folder Monitor – checks for errors every 30 minutes in all folders and systems

  • CPU, Filesystem and Memory Monitor – this template measures page file and CPU usage, every 30 minutes, and sends alerts if thresholds are breached or too low

    • Page File Used>30% - suggests too much paging space

    • Page File Used >70% - suggests not enough paging space

    • Paging Space >70% - checks that the paging space does not exceed 70%

    • Sustained CPU >80% -to alert if sustained CPU load exceeds 80% at any one time


  • Automate and alert around hardware and software errors

  • Inform you of changes to files and systems setting with the VIOS

  • Alert to sustained use of CPU within this environment

  • Monitor and alert on file system/disk space and memory usage on the VIOS partition

  • Ideal for IT managers, computer operators and system administrators

  • This solution greatly improves the way in which multiple partitions can be supported on a single system, saving significant costs

  • Quick and easy to deploy
  Guide to VIOS Monitoring

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